The ONE WEBSITE All High School Students Should Know

If you’re trying to help students and ensure their success after graduation, you should share the one website all high school students should know.

I didn’t learn about this website myself until 3 years ago, but ever since, I make it a point to share it with all of my students who have plans to attend college.

So, what is it?

The one website all high school students should know:

Common App is essentially a centralized college application. It allows a student to complete a single application that can be used to apply to over 800 colleges and universities. Imagine not having to complete a separate application for every college you were interested in. Let’s face it, filling out paper work can be a daunting task for many juniors and seniors. Luckily, eliminates the stress of completing multiple applications and saves time.

Find out the one website all students should know about before applying for colleges. Find out at I Heart Teaching Stuff. website all high school students should know

The Benefits of Using


  • With over 800 colleges and universities to choose from, one of the student’s top three colleges is bound to be on the list. There is no other online application system that is partnered with more schools.

Time Saver

  • Many times students limit the number of colleges they apply to simply because they don’t have the time to apply to more. Well, Common App eliminates that obstacle. The information that you enter can be used to apply to multiple colleges. Plus, if you’re a junior applying early, your information will “roll-over” to the next year when you apply to more colleges your senior year.

Stay Organized & On Track

  • The Common App system includes a tracker that will alert you of important dates and deadlines. You can also track the progress of your application within the system. Also, when it’s time to get recommendations, teachers and counselors can easily create their own account and submit recommendations for students.

Advice & Help

  • Common App has “virtual counselors” to help. Not only do they provide great advice for first generation college students, but also tips for completing the application and advice for personal essay writing. As you’re completing the application, they’re is even an application dictionary if you don’t understand the questions and lingo.

Fee Waivers Available

  • While most colleges do require an application fee, this should not be a barrier to applying. Fee waivers are available for students who qualify and Common App makes the process easy and straight forward.

Available in Spanish

  • Spanish speaking students should not be discouraged from applying to colleges. Common App includes resources en Español to make applying to college even easier.

As a teacher, counselor or parent, I think it is so important to inquire about our students’ plans after high school. Many may already know where they want to go, but have they applied? Do they know the deadline for scholarships? This is when puzzled looks may cross their faces. Or maybe they have no idea at all where they want to go. It is up to us to guide them and let them know they have options.

If you are a teacher or parent of high school seniors, I challenge you to have them register on and apply to at least 4 colleges by November 1st.

Common App, the website all high school students should know. If you didn’t know, thank me later. If you already knew, share it with others.



Find out the one website all students should know about before applying for colleges. Find out at I Heart Teaching Stuff. website all high school students should know


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